3 wheel duo

3 wheel duo

From: Harrietta Potter (Thu Sep 30 15:58:46 2004)
Wow! A three wheeler! That looks like so much fun! I want to do that right now! And there is that dangerously attractive guy again! Whooooo weee!
From: some boy (Tue Oct 12 15:13:48 2004)
Harrietta Potter... Who are you? Do you want to go on a 3-wheeler ride sometime?
From: Harrietta Potter (Tue Oct 12 23:23:48 2004)
Some boy! That would be a dream come true! Now, if only I knew who you were. . . By the way ag, this is still a cool drawing!
From: Elise (Thu Feb 17 22:42:57 2005)
Hey, Harrietta Potter, lay off my man!
From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 02:44:35 2005)
Well this bring back memeories of mudding in the woods :) I was alwasy the one int eh back so I always would get hit the worse with mud..eh, it was fun anyway.

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