sb 40s couple

sb 40s couple

From: amy_gamgee (Thu Sep 30 20:13:54 2004)
ag, I'm serious, you should be a fashion designer. Next time I'm looking for a dress I'm coming to your website for inspiration first. I love this little 40's picture.
From: Ike (Thu Feb 17 13:08:55 2005)
Can I get this one with and without the color
From: cs_gal (Tue Nov 15 09:36:19 2005)
maybe u hav seen me at most of the pages but i really hav 2 say this... i REALLY LIKE UR DRAWINGS! such nice body shape!
From: Guest (Thu Feb 2 16:36:14 2006)
I smell affair...
From: narci (Tue May 9 19:11:14 2006)

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