sb Noggin girl beard

sb Noggin girl beard

From: Julie (Thu Sep 15 21:36:34 2005)
The girl looks like she belongs on the front of a ship.

It's really pretty... And my hair kind of looks like that, too.
From: cs_gal (Tue Nov 15 09:02:29 2005)
nice wind effect on the gal u know! so cool! but i was juz wondering.. where's her leg? ok, no offense, i'm juz asking
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Dec 4 23:52:48 2005)
It's, erm... blowing in the wind with her skirt. :) Chalk this one up to creative anatomy.
From: Agatha (Thu May 25 12:16:40 2006)
-shivers- You can see the ugly looking couple behind them...sort of like ghost stalkers...

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