sb P&P

sb P&P

From: Abby Compton (Sat Aug 21 22:14:11 2004)
I like the face, she is a pretty girl. I also like the long hair on the girl.
From: wdwbobbie (Mon Mar 28 03:47:32 2005)
Love this one... not sure why... but love it!
From: Patricia (Sat Sep 10 11:41:41 2005)
You draw such cute girls!
From: cs_gal (Tue Nov 15 09:04:28 2005)
wow! so pretty! nice hair nice face! really! especially the curly 1! love it!
From: narci jones (Mon May 8 20:39:14 2006)
the girl on the boy kinda reminded me of lavender in heart with ron weasly. (awesome face head...girl.)
From: Hannah (Wed Apr 4 11:04:10 2007)
That looks like she's hurting his neck. She's hasn't got her legs on the ground!

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