sb church

sb church

From: Callie (Mon Jan 10 02:24:39 2005)
Your loveof Disney Shows in all of your sketches. Ocassionaly (sp) like in the sitting man I think I feel you trying to emerge.
From: Sam (Tue Feb 1 04:20:40 2005)
I love the Bish and Ike, you totally got them. Especially Ike. Making both Heidi and I laugh right now.
From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 02:24:08 2005)
Great work, I love the faces. As you may have noticed in a few of my other posts I like making a bit of a story line for anykind of sketch. Sorry :) I want to eventually want to be a writer someday so I enjoy picking random people I see and making a story based on what they look like for a moment.
From: Agatha (Thu May 25 12:35:03 2006)
The guy with the shades reminds me of the picture of Madam Hooch you made. And the head of the guy there alone looks like John Smith.

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