sb elf

sb elf

From: Basket Case (Tue Feb 1 02:42:07 2005)
You know why I like this picture? Because it has a horse it in. I love that you put animals in your pictures.
From: Radalf_Griffin (Mon Feb 28 19:01:08 2005)
I LOVE this sketch. I just think the elf's right leg seems a little to high on the hip.
From: Last_Rose (Tue May 10 21:21:27 2005)
I think elves are so beautiful! JUst watch the shape of your horse's eye. They tend to be more almond shaped (I'm a horseback rider!) but it could be an artistic preference.
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed May 11 00:02:25 2005)
Thanks! It's sort of the angle, and sort of a bad scan, but I appreciate the feedback. I'll keep that in mind.

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