sb f or f

sb f or f

From: Tekla (Sun Feb 27 23:49:29 2005)
Hi! Evita (I'm sure you've seen her thousands of comments on here... bit obsessive but great friend) directed me here after I asked her what she was doing up at 3:45 am the other day. Crazy girl, anyway I can tell why she likes you art.:) I'll have to saw falling down in the picture because of the hair, though it might be defying gravity.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 28 00:43:17 2005)
Hey, thanks, it's great to see some new faces on here! And yes, I always figured if her body were defying gravity by flying up, so probably would her hair... Still, it's up to personal interpretation. :)
From: cs_gal (Tue Nov 15 08:57:42 2005)
hey! nice but.. where r her clothes?? haha.. juz kidding! it's falling down alrite. i would really like 2 know how old r u?

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