sb man

sb man

From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 23:54:45 2005)
Looks like a picture that would have been on an old newspaper. Nice
From: Julie (Thu Sep 15 21:29:57 2005)
...Caught doing karate in his undies?

I have very few options as to what this picture could be...

...But it made me laugh.
From: unfortunatevent (Sat Oct 21 21:52:31 2006)
Lol! This picture is soo funny! whats it supposed to be?
From: Hannah (Wed Apr 4 03:25:24 2007)
Looks like Zak from Fern Gully. Funny.
From: TJ Cooper (Wed May 23 21:04:22 2007)
Discobolus finally realized he's throwing a disk... heehee
If you know about Greek sculptures, you know which one I'm taking about =)

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