sb people2

sb people2

From: Ike (Thu Feb 17 13:07:32 2005)
and maybe this one but with the shading you did
From: Evita (Sun Feb 27 00:06:15 2005)
They look like either big brother and little sister or some girl this guy is against his will stuck with. She doesnt seem to mind does she? DOnt know if they were meant to be together or if they are just random people. Its was I see
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 28 00:57:06 2005)
Heh, yeah, they were meant to be just random people, but now that I think of it, they sort of DO tell a story! Interesting...
From: Guest (Thu Feb 2 16:26:44 2006)
They kind of remind me of Luna and Harry and Slughorn's party in the sixth book. She's ecstatic at just being there and compltetely oblivious to what's going on around her, lol. Gotta love Luna. But Harry's just like *groans*

I love your work! Keep it up! You have some talent there, mister!
From: Agatha (Thu May 25 12:20:14 2006)
They give me the impression like she did something and blamed it on him and he is like "not again" and she's like "wasn't me, I swear it wasn't me!"

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