sb walks of life

sb walks of life

From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 02:17:14 2005)
I dont know what it is about his sketch but it really hit something for me. Im thought about two sides of a coin or light and dark when first saw it. Great job and thanks for sharing it with us.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 28 01:30:33 2005)
Brilliant! You got exactly what I intended out of it! I was trying to show the same woman as two completely different characters and different personalities, like dark and light. Thanks! :)
From: TPK (Tue Jul 12 18:05:02 2005)
Inspired by James Christensen, by any chance? He has a painting called "Two Sisters" that has similar elements.
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Jul 12 21:12:12 2005)
Hmmm.... actually no, but that's quite interesting. I meant it more to be two views of the same woman, had she made different choices (ha, I guess it's the difference between a busty barmaid and an innocent saint! :) ).
From: cs_gal (Tue Nov 15 09:20:46 2005)
i don really get wat as thay do, but i know 1 thing 4 sure.. nice dressess! i'll hav u 2 design 1 4 me!

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