sb woman dress

sb woman dress

From: Tek (Mon Feb 28 00:01:42 2005)
Once again I love the classy dress :) but the shoes still look painful. That must be a grimice of pain. Lol
From: cs_gal (Tue Nov 15 09:24:50 2005)
again, nice dress! oh, the shoes wont be painful if certain materials r used. (i know, i m a gal) oh! n 1 more thing, eyebrows canot be dark n thick 4 ladies, remember that. (i'm a beautician so i know very well 4 this case)
From: Agatha (Thu May 25 12:26:24 2006)
Oh...that girl looks exactly like my mom when she was 17! Guess it goes to show that I have a very good looking mom :P

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