A Series of Unfortunate Events  
I love freaks

I love freaks

From: Alyssa (Sat Jan 1 15:51:17 2005)
Oh, that is fantastic! I haven't seen much Snicket fanart, so this is a real treat. Nicely done.
From: :.Padfoot.: (Sat Mar 12 01:00:13 2005)
Tis Chabo the wolf baby! Best Snicket fanart on the web I'd say. :) Keep it coming!
From: Masika (Fri May 27 15:39:33 2005)
Hee hee! Nice! I like little Sunny there as the wolf baby! And you've got all the other freaks in there too! Sweet!
From: PDF (Sun Feb 12 18:33:20 2006)
It's very amusing that a girl and a boy are inside the same shirt.
From: Isadora (Fri Apr 28 10:19:42 2006)
This picture is great!
From: Girl_X (Sat Jul 1 17:31:04 2006)
I like this one... especially the way the scars on Klaus's face are done. I also like "Chabo".
From: violet (Wed Aug 9 19:29:22 2006)
From: V.F.D Detective (Sat Oct 7 16:58:02 2006)
this isn't much like what I imagined while reading the book i thought Sunny would be completely covered in a mop or wig or somthin and the freaks aren't what i imagined Hugo should be more shorter and probably have short hair anyways in the stror Hugo's a cook and inthis pic he doesn't look like a cook to me but he looks fine still :D
From: Al Funcoot (Sat Oct 28 00:01:33 2006)
From: Suzanna Freewoods (Mon Jan 14 17:58:42 2008)
EXACTLY how I Imagined Violet and Kluas together in that suit. And EXACTLY how I imagined the ambdextrious man. EXCELLENT!!! BRILLIANT! I really like your CoN work too.
From: HJ (vfdsunny9999) (Mon Oct 19 14:35:23 2009)
Really nice drawing! You made each person look a lot how I imagined them to look while I was reading the book!

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