Christmas 2003  


From: MsG (Tue Jul 27 14:44:44 2004)
I like this one.
From: Fleur.Delacour from MNI (Wed Jul 28 02:05:36 2004)
Wow... that is sooo amazing!
From: Elise (Thu Aug 19 00:50:44 2004)
I must say, compared to the original, folks, this pic doesn't do it justice! Bro, you have got to get a better scan! Because this is easily one of your best works ever! Much love, Elise!
From: gidet (Wed Jul 27 13:36:53 2005)
its so cool, i really like it! it looks like a real pic of him. good work!... :)
From: Simple comment (Sat Feb 18 17:08:03 2006)
Erm… I'm stuck here…

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