Christmas 2003  
trio drawing

trio drawing

From: Fleur.Delacour from MNI (Wed Jul 28 02:06:31 2004)
Wow. That's really well done. It's really great!
From: fidelis patronus (Wed Jul 28 17:34:04 2004)
Oh!! I love this one. I saw it in MNI. It is quite good.Thanks for letting us see your art!!!
From: [A.K.A] (Tue Aug 10 13:33:00 2004)
This is just amazing!
From: i heart lupin (from MNI) (Fri Aug 13 23:12:48 2004)
wow! thats excellent! I'm quite jealous of your talent, I'm absolute horrible drawer. But that drawing gets a million thumbs up!
From: Elisey-Poo (Thu Aug 19 00:48:30 2004)
Hey Moopsie! This is one of my favorite pics of yours! Mainly because it is hanging in my room! Hee hee hee! Anyhoo, keep up the amazing work bro! Much love, from your sis!
From: lizadear (Thu Aug 19 15:30:46 2004)
YOU'RE AMAZING. I love knowing you and your talent. Look how cute they are...
From: Abby Compton (Sat Aug 21 22:09:41 2004)
Wow. This is a totally different style. Nicely done. I would like to see your designs of harry potter become more realistic and look like this.
From: Lynnie (Tue Nov 16 14:18:38 2004)
Lovin' it!
From: Last_Rose (Sat Jan 1 23:53:34 2005)
Oy! It's Just brilliant! The shading and all! Great!
From: AmY LeE(duh) (Tue Feb 1 08:28:03 2005)
From: unfortunatevent (Thu Mar 30 19:51:59 2006)
From: Ginevra Weasley (Fri May 19 14:43:22 2006)
looks exactly like emma watson! holy cow!

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