Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  
Gilderoy Lockhart flashes his famous, award-winning smile

Gilderoy Lockhart flashes his famous, award-winning smile

From: me (Thu Dec 23 17:49:35 2004)
haha he looks like one of those clowns at the carnival that you hit their teeth out with balls! i love it
From: NCMcGonagall (Fri Mar 4 13:31:02 2005)
Perfect! Almost exactly the way I've pictured him.
From: terbear2oo5hp (Sat May 7 17:53:50 2005)
he better be careful or he'll break his jaw! hehehe i love it!
From: schoolboy (Fri Oct 14 15:06:54 2005)
I don't love it. He looks skinny.
Shouldn't Lockhart be more handsome?
From: Commenter (Wed Dec 14 18:48:27 2005)
LOL! hes just so cheesy! luv it!
From: Lockhart (what he might be thinking) (Sat Jul 1 18:12:19 2006)
I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt so sexy it hurts...
From: lunna (Tue Aug 1 17:01:26 2006)
that smile is very creepy
i wouldnt want to meet him in a dark alley
(he knows wutt u did last summer :|)
From: Moony (Fri Aug 25 23:15:55 2006)
This is really just freaking me out. I'd better go away now.
From: loonyloopylupin (Tue Aug 7 15:25:28 2007)
This really captures Lockhart's smarmy arrogance. I love it! (Btw, I like your comment, Lockhart (what he might be thinking), that was a great idea!)
From: ? (Fri Aug 17 21:51:42 2007)
It kinda looks like his teeth are cracked.
From: Hermoneluver (Fri Sep 28 17:14:51 2007)
You are a great artist but Lockhart looks a leetle creepy!
From: Emily (Thu Oct 4 20:25:22 2007)
Doesn't his face hurt?
From: kim jewell (Thu Oct 25 14:26:11 2007)
looks like someone removed his lips
From: mrs.malfoy (Sat Nov 3 01:07:26 2007)
halarious!!!! i luv it just how i imagined!!!
From: Utah gal (Thu Jan 1 16:26:34 2009)
Doesn't he look like gaston in buety and the beast? to proud for himself??

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