Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  
Fred and George reap the consequences of Dumbledore's Age Line around the Goblet of Fire

Fred and George reap the consequences of Dumbledore's Age Line around the Goblet of Fire

From: fidelis patronus (Mon Aug 2 19:13:42 2004)
Oh! This one is so funny!!!I love this part of the book...Great job..!
From: luna_potter_j (Sat Sep 4 08:43:38 2004)
Wow!F&G Sure look old with that long beard!Ha Ha!
From: Godrics hollow (Tue Sep 21 01:10:09 2004)
Oh my god, this was funny in the book but your visual is ev en funnier! Fred (well, I think it's Fred) looks totally remorse-less!
From: Goofy hair and big feet's girlfriend (Tue Feb 1 03:44:25 2005)
hehehe, I love Fred and George. They are so cool, and so unrepentant.
From: ExpressionExpress (Sun Feb 6 15:18:56 2005)
So funny! I love Fred (Or George's!) expression!
From: s_potter (Sun Mar 13 08:46:32 2005)
hahahahaha! that is so great!
From: Erin (Sat Mar 19 00:37:12 2005)
From: Leia (Mon May 2 18:07:51 2005)
LOL! Loved this part in the book, and I love this picture!
From: terbear2005hp (Sat May 7 19:42:16 2005)
just one word pops into mind - wonderful! hehehe
From: Fifers (Fri Jul 8 21:41:13 2005)
I love Gred and Forge with beards :) Sooooo funny!!
From: Harry_Rockz (Sat Jul 23 22:23:33 2005)
OMG! this is soo cool! they don't really explain what they'd look like in the book, it is really great, you are such a wonderful artist!
From: Witch of the South-West (Tue Aug 16 15:36:05 2005)
I do love that scene. And I noticed that you draw the twins with defining characteristics- the cowlick. That's how I do them as well, with fred having the messier hair.
From: Harry (Wed Oct 5 21:22:24 2005)
Haha, they look like Dumbledore. A wonderful moment indeed.
From: luna (Mon Jul 31 18:00:16 2006)
i love this
they look a lot like dumbledore
From: Olivia (Sat Feb 17 18:57:16 2007)
Young Dumbledore wit a beard!
From: ,jil (Thu Jul 26 05:44:42 2007)
Ah, such sweet memories, iŽll miss the twins.
From: jake the artist (Mon Mar 30 21:36:52 2009)

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