Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  
Ron and Harry look at Fleur and Cho in the Great Hall (version 2)

Ron and Harry look at Fleur and Cho in the Great Hall (version 2)

Description : Naturally, I like this version a bit better than the previous one. My design of Ron has changed a little, but I think it's still pretty consistent.
From: milgarion (Tue Aug 3 14:34:27 2004)
i absolutely love this pic, i think the contrast between Harry's goofy look and Ron's OMG look is comic!
From: Harrietta Potter (Tue Oct 26 15:49:19 2004)
HAHA! I absolutely love this one. Most likely one of my very favorites you have done. Though, it looks like you drew this one before the others, because your Ron looks a bit different. Anyway, their expressions are SPOT ON from the book!
From: NightOwl (Sat Oct 30 00:04:47 2004)
Love it! All I can think of is the old '50's song
"Why Must I Be a Teenager In Love". Typical high school boys!
From: misslovegood (Sat Dec 11 16:57:48 2004)
I love the looks on their faces!! Priceless!!
From: Kidgray (Sat Dec 18 07:45:45 2004)
Ahh...Ron has no shame. This is going on the wallpaper to my laptop right away! I absolutely love your work. You can catch expressions better than any other artist I've seen.
From: MeanIt (Sun Feb 6 15:17:57 2005)
From: shmink (Sun Feb 13 13:37:27 2005)
This is so cute! Ron does look a little different than your usual style, but his expression is perfect. The only thing missing is Hermione, looking disgusted... :D
From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 03:44:25 2005)
Ah, well boys will be boys I guess. Great expressions
From: : ) (Wed Mar 16 22:16:11 2005)
Harry's face is so perfect!
From: Harry (Wed Oct 5 21:23:11 2005)
From: roonil wazlib (Sat Jun 24 20:53:23 2006)
ron's expression is so perfect!
From: lunna (Mon Jul 31 17:59:35 2006)
personally oi like the first one better
but thats just me ...
From: potterfreak (Mon Oct 9 13:56:37 2006)
love it!
From: Olivia (Sat Feb 17 18:56:39 2007)
Better...MUCH BETTER! Especially Ron! LOL
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 13:39:04 2007)
it looks like ron is leaning to the side so he can get a "better view" lol i like this one better 2

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