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GoF kiss

GoF kiss

From: AskPeeves (Tue Oct 12 01:06:15 2004)
OO im a R/Hr shipper gotta love it!
From: Harrietta Potter (Tue Oct 26 15:51:39 2004)
Yes, well, I am a R/Hr shipper as well, yet this would lead you to think it was Hr/H. . . Except it isn't because it happens to be in the book. . . what was Hermione thinking??? Great pic, btw.
From: NightOwl (Sat Oct 30 00:26:23 2004)
Harry's expression....priceless. You have a way of capturing a moment..funny, or otherwise.....
From: StephyJ (Sun Nov 7 18:48:51 2004)
hehe, I love it! I have to admit that I'm Hr/H, and this is just hillarious!
From: purple_pillow (Fri Dec 3 14:50:43 2004)
i'm confused, isn't this the kiss from the end of Gof, meaning that it was hermione and hary? by the way, super cute, even though i'm a R/Hr shipper through and through. hah
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jan 17 04:20:21 2005)
Yes, this IS the kiss from the end of GoF, as it's in the GoF Gallery, and it is indeed Harry and Hermione. Who ever said it wasn't?...
From: yours truely (Sun Jan 23 13:07:03 2005)
Harry: *faints*
From: shmink (Sun Feb 13 13:54:18 2005)
This is a really cute picture, but Harry looks a little too shaken up to me. Then again, it could be an 'eewww, she's my friend' face! But I do like it; it's a sweet moment. :D
From: Griffiegrrl (Sun Mar 20 15:34:51 2005)
Better, they look older.. Again, as I said before, I love how you make HErmione look away..Perhaps at Ron to see his reaction? (Hermiones thoughts: "LOOK Ron, I'm Kissing HARRY, aren't you gunna say something?! Grrrrr... &%$^!$%!!")
From: ardrose (Thu May 5 02:58:04 2005)
R/Hr all the way. Hr just gave him a freindly kiss. I hope.
From: terbear2005hp (Sat May 7 20:49:53 2005)
i like this 1 much more than the red 1 they look older here! perfect!
From: Trees Are Neat (Fri May 13 00:18:15 2005)
I've shipped R/Hr since I read the books back in '99. Strange enough, this moment didn't even waver my decision to ship that. It's a moment that made me go 'awww' because it's so incredibly sweet and caring.

I love the look on Harry's face. It's like 'Should I smile or should I back away slowly...?'. I love it, great pic.
From: schoolboy (Sun Oct 23 09:30:28 2005)
Why is Hermione looking away?
From: Infabug7 (Fri Mar 9 15:01:50 2007)
I'd like to point out a little smile is tugging at the bottom corner of Harry's mouth. Just saying.....
From: Griffie (Fri Jul 27 12:31:00 2007)
I like it because it shows how Hermione cares for Harry (brother/sister) And it shows how Hermione is probably wondering deep down if it's going to make Ron jealous...
From: Fleur (Fri Aug 17 22:06:37 2007)
The other one you drew looks more like she's whispering in his ear this one actually looks like she's kissing him
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 14:40:08 2007)
i like this one better than the red one..and like i said u can kiss your friends on the cheek..i do it all the time it doesnt mean nething just an "i want u to no ur my friend" kiss...ron is totaly jealous =]
From: Elowyn (Fri Nov 9 05:59:25 2007)
I think Hermione was thinking that she wanted to show her friend how much she loved him. Not in a romantic way, but in a deep, pure, and lasting way.

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