Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  
montage 4 GoF

montage 4 GoF

Description : I really like Gabrielle Delacour in this one.
From: me (Thu Dec 23 16:38:32 2004)
HAHA i love harry and rons one at the bottom from the qwc... ahh boys
From: magically me (Sun Feb 13 08:03:27 2005)
LOL! Myrtle! Poor Harry.... I also love Rita and the boys at the QWC!
From: s_potter (Sun Mar 13 08:52:28 2005)
very good!
From: pottermae (Wed Apr 13 20:40:00 2005)
this is a really good picture i like how you combined all the tasks and rita looks cool.
From: C_Shacklebolt (Sat Aug 13 02:29:48 2005)
Your Rita is off the hook. That's all I have to say.
Correction: The whole montage is off the hook, but I'm really impressed with Rita.
From: lunna (Mon Jul 31 21:10:38 2006)
i love how u putt mertal in this one lol
and i love how at the end u put the part were harry and ron wer hypnotized my the vella
From: pottylurvesloony (Thu May 17 17:06:14 2007)
cool pic.....i like the expression of gabriella on the top. Shes like "whats happening?, who are these guys?"
From: Moofnae (Thu Aug 16 21:36:43 2007)
I love how Ron is tearing up his shamrock at the bottom xD

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