Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  
A study of a Veela's transformation

A study of a Veela's transformation

From: purple_pillow (Fri Dec 3 14:27:50 2004)
wow, that's eally amazingly good... I'mjust staing in awe right now... wow.
From: Lady Miry (Mon Jan 17 21:01:17 2005)
Nice study! Love both the veela and her transformation. :) Great job.
From: Elims (Sun Feb 6 15:13:40 2005)
That's really cool! I really like Fluer's character, for some reason! ;)
From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 03:40:06 2005)
Fluer looks like a siren here... and rightly so I suppose.
From: Administrator (admin) (Sat Feb 26 13:37:32 2005)
Actually, this isn't meant to be Fleur, it's supposed to be a full-fledged Veela, and a study of her transformation. I can understand how one would get confused, as Fleur possesses many Veela-like qualities (in her bloodline, after all), but this isn't really a portrait of her.
From: s_potter (Sun Mar 13 08:44:04 2005)
wow. that is cool!
From: Last_Rose (Tue May 10 21:05:22 2005)
I really love your Veela. That is actually almost exactly how I imagined Fleur to look!
From: Anoki (Sun Aug 28 06:36:29 2005)
Neva really knew wat veela's looked like, now i do!
From: Emma Snape (Sun Sep 11 07:18:55 2005)
Wow, she looks beautiful. Great work ... *grumbles jealously*
From: anony-mouse (Tue Sep 20 17:44:29 2005)
gah. thats gorgeous. *stares*
From: Harry (Wed Oct 5 21:15:08 2005)
Wow..... love how they can go from stunnely gorgeous one moment to ugly and bloodthirsty the next. Great work. :)
From: Givvien (Thu Dec 15 00:17:37 2005)
I think its a wonderful peice of work
From: lunna (Mon Jul 31 17:50:51 2006)
she so beautiful (from a girls point, to guy she would be a "hott") lol
love it
From: Olivia (Sat Feb 17 18:44:05 2007)
*speechless* Uhhhhhhhhhh...
From: sneha (Wed Mar 28 04:02:03 2007)
hey dats reaaly awesum!
i luv it
From: Olivia (Tue Sep 25 18:32:16 2007)
Thats beautiful! I love it!
From: Emily (Thu Oct 4 20:56:11 2007)
So beautiful, well not the screaming-bird-thing obviously. They're not supposed to be beautiful. But the rest is.

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