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Fleur feeds Bill a forkful of turkey on Christmas

Fleur feeds Bill a forkful of turkey on Christmas

From: C_Shacklebolt (Sun Aug 14 10:22:14 2005)
haha I really like this. It's so sweet it'll make your teeth rot ::wink:: but I must say that it looks like Fleur conjured that piece of turkey out of thin air, as I don't see a plate anywhere. Love Bill's sweater, by the way.
From: d (Tue Aug 16 17:26:05 2005)
Bill is too cool to wear such an ugly shirt
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Aug 16 18:27:04 2005)
Rubbish! No one's too cool to wear one of Mrs. Weasley's famous Christmas jumpers! :)

(I made it a pyramid to indicate his history with Egypt.)
From: TPK (Wed Aug 17 18:11:02 2005)
Not only that, but Bill is cool enough that anything he wears is, by definition, cool as well.
From: Nadine (Sun Aug 21 01:35:14 2005)
I love her little shoulders peeking out - it's just so....Fleurish! Great work.
From: Phoenix_Valor (Mon Sep 5 16:12:19 2005)
What in the name in all that is good does h% see in her?
From: hana (Wed Dec 31 19:00:00 1969)
WHERE ARE THE PLATES??????????????
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Nov 3 19:51:38 2005)
Details, details... You'll notice the table is hardly drawn in? I was more focusing on the characters.
From: Marica Malfoy (Sat Dec 24 16:19:05 2005)
She look like she fawling all over him. I love this picture. It makes me wish I was there, so I could laugh.
From: B. Snape (Sun Dec 25 02:40:04 2005)
From: Olivia (Sat Dec 9 20:40:16 2006)
I agree with Phoenix_Valor
From: Seion (Wed Dec 20 00:59:26 2006)
What does Bill see in Fleur? Let's see...

She's pretty. She's smart. She an accomplished witch (why else would she have been the Beauxbatons champion?), she's quite exotic, she's actually quite kind to his family, she extrodinarily graceful, she speaks French and has that cute accent, she's probably a good cook, and, probably most importantly, she loves Bill.

After looking at that list, I think her vanity is easy to overlook and forgive. :)
From: Lils (Thu Apr 26 18:32:15 2007)
Thats so sweet it makes me sick! *gagging in the backround*
From: sak (Sun Aug 5 03:10:05 2007)
I'm with Lils, but i guess they are destined to be together!!!!!
From: KRYSTYNA! (Fri Oct 19 22:44:36 2007)

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