Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  
Molly is reduced to tears when Percy appears on Christmas day

Molly is reduced to tears when Percy appears on Christmas day

Description : Prat.
From: Spencer (Sun Aug 14 12:12:24 2005)
He is just so pompous.
From: (Tue Aug 16 17:26:46 2005)
Percy's expression is perfect
From: TPK (Thu Aug 18 02:07:22 2005)
I feel so sorry for Molly.

Well, there's one book left. Think Percy has enough time to pull his head out of his rear end?
From: Griffin (Fri Aug 26 12:21:38 2005)
Nope. Well maybe. But I hope not. I will never forgive Percy.
From: mae (Sun Aug 28 20:13:41 2005)
Erg, Percy's such a prat. You draw him well.
From: Stephany (crookshanks1177) (Sat Sep 17 02:31:54 2005)
You have Percy's expression great here. Just makes you want to punch that boy.
From: Miri (Sun Sep 18 02:28:37 2005)
back before we knew who was going to die in hbp, i was hoping it would be percy finally doing something to redeem himself. but clearly not. anyway, this picture makes me want to hit him in the face.
From: hana (Tue Nov 1 14:32:49 2005)
hehehehe! percy is a ponce! (but not ur drawing)
From: Kiri (Sun Nov 13 20:30:34 2005)
Your Percy is beyond perfect, and Molly compliments it beautifully
From: wicked92 (Fri Nov 25 13:25:39 2005)
In the pix Percy's perfect. but he's still and undeserving slimeb!ll
From: B. Snape (Sun Dec 25 02:40:58 2005)
I love Mrs. Weasley, the definition of Mother.
From: Me (Mon Apr 10 22:35:50 2006)
Perfect Percy. No, literally, perfect Percy, Drew!

*Hisses at Percy*
*Crookshanks joins in*
From: Olivia (Sat Dec 9 20:43:09 2006)
I will KILL Percy...you know what he does not even deserve a capital in his name! percy...hahaha *evil laugh*
From: Seion (Wed Dec 20 00:37:49 2006)
Would I hit a guy with glasses? In Percy's case, hell yes.
From: Strong (Sun Feb 25 18:56:34 2007)
kill Percy....now
From: Lils (Thu Apr 26 18:33:37 2007)
Perce is such a prat!It looks like he doesn't even care that she has been crying over him! That back-stabbing, double-crossing, self-absorbed, pompous, prat!
From: Snape's girl (Mon Jul 2 13:27:25 2007)
pery should not be in a picture by you your to good of a artist!!!!!
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jul 2 15:30:04 2007)
From: Olivia (Sat 09 Dec 2006 08:41:14 PM EST)

(edited for excessive Rs and !s... Sorry, they were stretching out the page.)
From: sak (Sun Aug 5 03:12:23 2007)
I hate percy too!!! like duh.........
From: Harry Fan (Tue Apr 22 19:49:04 2008)
From: Maddie C. (Sat Aug 1 01:25:02 2009)
Stupid Percy...I can't believe that anyone could hurt Molly like that.

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