Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  
Harry and Lupin discuss the identity of the Half-Blood Prince

Harry and Lupin discuss the identity of the Half-Blood Prince

From: C_Shacklebolt (Sun Aug 14 10:16:45 2005)
I love your Lupin. I only just realized how much when I saw this picture. But one thing- I could've sworn Lupin was sitting in the armchair and Harry on the wooden one during this scene...maybe I'm wrong. ::goes looking for book::
From: loony (Sun Aug 14 11:04:47 2005)
Absolutely beautiful...your Lupin is almost exactly like I imagine him, especially in this scene, where I seem to recall he is described as 'grim and gaunt'. Harry's expression is very nicely done, too.
From: footfetish (Mon Aug 15 12:50:38 2005)
Is it weird that one of my favorite things in this pic is Harry's feet?

I also love your Lupin
From: Julie C. (Thu Aug 25 21:19:06 2005)
You do Lupin so well!!! I imagine it's difficult to draw someone as handsome in an intelligent and understated way, but you are amazing at it. Very well done.
From: ...Me? (Wed Sep 7 21:07:52 2005)
Oh my gosh...

Being the hopeless Lupin fangirl that I am, I just have to point out that your version of older (and younger) Lupin is drool-worthy.

From: Herminia (Wed Sep 7 22:18:03 2005)
I love this one (love all of them actually). Wish you were illustrati.g the Harry Potter books, or my fan fiction ;) I'm the one from CoS Forums who was desperately trying to imitate your art style to no avail!
From: Lily Dragon (Tue Sep 20 19:02:08 2005)
Your Lupin is absolutely amazing... His face expression is reallly good - tired and grim, but still trying to smile to Harry...

Harry himself looks like he's unconfortable with something... Probably the "underground work" from Lupin...

(sorry if my english sucks... I'm Brazillian, and have been learning English for a while... Lol)
From: ForgetStuffIDo (Wed Sep 28 17:14:14 2005)
I love how you draw sixteen-year-old Harry. He just really looks like a young adult (even though my own version of him at this stage is a tad different). Your Lupin here is gorgeous, too. Wise and hardened beyond his years, wry humor on his face... nice. :) ;)
From: wicked92 (Fri Nov 25 13:24:07 2005)
Lupin is perfect but Harry's...well. he looks to old. but Lupin is wicked.
From: meloveremmy (Sat Nov 26 14:19:37 2005)
wow wow wow! remus is like a total sex god! (calms down enough to breath!) but so good! (ur pic i mean!)
From: B. Snape (Sun Dec 25 02:37:00 2005)
I LOVE LUPIN!!!!!!!!!!
From: Wolf (Fri Jul 28 00:37:06 2006)
your remus lupin desing reminds me of the road to el dorados tulio for some strange reaason! i love them both!
From: Moony (Sun Oct 1 16:35:19 2006)
Your Remus is exactly as I imagine him; good job!
From: Olivia (Sat Dec 9 20:37:10 2006)
From: griffiegrrl (Thu Mar 22 16:23:25 2007)
I *heart* Moony
From: chicky (Sun Jul 29 11:45:54 2007)
I like your Lupin MUCH better than the movie character. These are all very good.
From: sak (Sun Aug 5 03:01:08 2007)
Exactly like I imagined Lupin, tired, weary but still good looking!!!!

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