Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  
Harry falls asleep at the window, waiting to see if Dumbledore will indeed appear in Surrey

Harry falls asleep at the window, waiting to see if Dumbledore will indeed appear in Surrey

Description : Edited to add a few details. (Can you name them?)
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Aug 7 04:25:04 2005)
Originally posted by Spencer @ (Sun 24 Jul 2005 08:47:45 AM CDT)
All he needs is a little drool in his mouth and it would be perfect! Just kidding, great pic.

Originally posted by Rose @ (Tue 26 Jul 2005 09:01:36 PM CDT)
LOL this one is so adorable! i just want to give him a big hug!
From: Jenni Radcliffe (Mon Aug 8 00:36:19 2005)
umm what i notice is the mist and the letter (but that might just be that i read that in CoS forums...) lol!
From: Angie (HarryRockz on CosForums) (Sun Aug 21 19:47:40 2005)
I am really late on noticing that you added the parchment! And the mist outside is really great, its just how I imagined the scene to look. Thankx for editing it, it looks FAB!
From: Natalie (Thu Sep 15 12:29:19 2005)
Lol, this is brilliant!! I really like it. Only thing i would say was that the table kinda looks like it's about to slide off the left side of the picture, but i love harry, his expression is so funny!
From: RhymeLess (Tue Sep 27 01:41:21 2005)
I very much a$ored the way this chapter started out. "Harry Potter was snoring loudly." :D I mean, who was expecting that?? Not me, at least.

Ohhh, this is fantastic! *Squees as quietly as possible so as not to wake family* No words, really.
From: Mudgirl (Wed Dec 28 18:44:23 2005)
That picture is so incredibly adorable
From: Olivia (Mon Dec 11 17:41:39 2006)
This is making me tired!
From: BelleAquastone (Tue Dec 26 01:55:01 2006)
Harry's sooo cute!
From: sak (Tue Jul 31 05:45:19 2007)
ooooo.....i luv this pic!!!harry looks so cute and funny with his glasses tipped 2 a side and his mouth a littttle open....u can almost hear the snoring!!!!
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 16:18:23 2007)
LOVE IT harry is so adorabel!!!
From: harryCute (Tue Oct 23 03:50:39 2007)
Hedwig looks wierd in the cage, but anyway, I JUST LOVE HARRY POTTER!! HE'S CUUUUUTTTE!!!!
From: LoveHBP (Wed Dec 5 20:26:48 2007)
How do you draw this? can you tell me how you do this its awesome, your a great artist.

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