Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  
Katie Bell mysteriously and serenely rises into the air...

Katie Bell mysteriously and serenely rises into the air...

From: TPK (Sat Aug 6 18:47:44 2005)
Beautiful rendering of a very creepy moment.
From: RayAllen (Fri Aug 12 23:54:14 2005)
thats really done well
From: Cookie (Fri Aug 19 13:18:15 2005)
God I love her hair and jacket! Your way of using pen is so.. soft and light! You're absolutely one of my rare favs in Harry Potter -artists :)
From: Randomizer (Wed Aug 24 01:44:22 2005)
The picture as a whole is spectacular, but I've just noticed something... Katie's not wearing her gloves. Without them, the necklace would have killed her (or at least, that's how Dumbledore explained it). Beyond that, I love the graceful sense of levitation that Katie has. Matches what I thought as I read perfectly. The sense of wonder is great... All in all, I love it.
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Aug 24 05:51:15 2005)
Yes... I drew this after I had reread this chapter, but before I had reread the subsequent chapter in which Dumbledore explains about her glove. I started to draw her with gloves (you may notice that her right hand is slightly thicker and larger than her left), but then, not knowing what Dumbledore would say later about the hole in her glove, figured she must have been bare-handed for the necklace to affect her.
I hate missing details like that! I may just Photoshop some gloves in later... ;)
From: Stephany (crookshanks1177) (Sat Sep 17 02:17:38 2005)
Still great job Ag, you capture the moment here great.
From: Mianwe (Tue Jan 31 19:12:33 2006)
This one is very nicely done... there's something about it that really impresses me. Not sure what, though. =)
From: Viktorius (Sat Mar 11 19:03:06 2006)
I love the flowyness(word?)of it.
From: Tom (Sun Jan 21 05:19:45 2007)
VERY nice. Well personified.
From: sak (Sun Aug 5 02:26:15 2007)
I love the way you've captured this creepy moment!!!!
From: Tataliniey Kaleneedra (Fri Aug 24 19:58:11 2007)
I love the hair and the shock on LeAnne's face. Beautiful.

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