Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  
Kreacher adamantly refuses to change ownership, causing quite a ruckus, much to the Dursleys' chagrin

Kreacher adamantly refuses to change ownership, causing quite a ruckus, much to the Dursleys' chagrin

Description : One of Harry's new pets.... or does Kreacher count as a possession?
From: Spencer (Thu Jul 21 11:50:19 2005)
Haha! The Dursley's are freaking out but Dumbledore looks so calm.
From: Fifers (Thu Jul 21 19:01:03 2005)
Kreacher looks like a child having a tantrum, I love it!
From: Jbracken (Thu Jul 21 19:37:40 2005)
Ha! I love Petunia's face. They also look hilariously cramped..What is Vernon's hand doing?
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Jul 21 21:44:57 2005)
One hand is sort of holding his belly, and the other hand is on the armrest of the sofa.
From: Emma Snape (Wed Jul 27 10:41:02 2005)
Ha! I LOVE the Dursleys; they're so wonderfully psychotic. I also must say that I adore the way you draw Dumb,edore. He looks fantastic! The closest I've seen to how he looks in my head. And I love Kreacher to bits. :D
From: roon (Wed Jul 27 13:28:54 2005)
I was hoping someone whose work I like would draw this scene. It's one of the funniest in the books to me, and you've captured it. Dumbledore's expression cracks me right up.
From: EverEver (Tue Sep 27 01:43:41 2005)
I LOVE how you've drawn the Dursleys' reactions. Were they mentioned much in the book? I love it. All of it, just perfect and hilarious. I wish that I could think of more to say than that, because it seems a tad dull to me, but wha4ever.
From: I love it! (Wed Nov 9 17:30:05 2005)
I wish I was that good!!They look so cool! I like Dumbledore the best. He looks so real!
From: B. Snape (Sun Dec 25 02:17:43 2005)
I love Kreacher, even though his is rather annoying.
From: Mudgirl (Wed Dec 28 18:47:52 2005)
I love the serene look on Dumbledore's face while the dursleys are freaking out. Harry seems pretty calm also
From: Agatha (Tue Feb 21 08:02:23 2006)
Magnificent! Dumbledore looks so compose and elegant. Kreacher is to die for, so totaly like Jo discribes him. The D's are awsome,I love how they look totaly disgusted and frightenedd at the same time. And last but not least, Harry looks like he would have rather settled the matter without having to have seen Kreacher.
From: Harry Fan 4ever (Sun May 21 10:21:03 2006)
I love this one. It's one of my favorites because it just captures the scene so well. This is EXACTLY how I pictured it would look. This one is AMAZING!
From: Olivia (Mon Dec 11 17:42:07 2006)
From: sak (Tue Jul 31 05:53:54 2007)
I luuuv this pic..... it's hilarious!!!! while Dumbledore has this calm look on his face the Durseleys are squashed in that sofa with a mix of suprise and disgust looks!!!!
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 16:19:33 2007)
where r the mead glasses...i loved that!!!.. great neways tho
From: harryCute (Tue Oct 23 03:54:06 2007)
I luv the Dursleys in this pic... they look so scared, I think I'd better check out this scene in my book. LUV U HARRY!!!!

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