Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  
The Muggle Prime Minister tries to ignore the tell-tale cough he hears from behind him...

The Muggle Prime Minister tries to ignore the tell-tale cough he hears from behind him...

From: TPK (Sat Jul 23 21:32:19 2005)
He's better looking than Tony Blair...
From: Matty P (Wed Dec 31 19:00:00 1969)
Is that a picture of Ginny on the PM's mantelpiece?
From: Matty P (Sun Jul 24 00:23:34 2005)
Only joking!
From: Spencer (Sun Jul 24 09:49:07 2005)
The portrait of that wizard looks how i pictured him, Umbridge with a wig.
From: MysticFay (Mon Jul 25 00:34:26 2005)
Wonderful job. I love it, especially the frog man in the painting. I don't think Tony Blair was even in office in '95...
From: Madhu (Tue Jul 26 18:45:32 2005)
Very nicely done.. PM looked a bit like a mix of Tom Riddle and Lockhart. :P
From: Fiona (Nierva) (Sat Sep 3 18:56:34 2005)

And by the way...Tony Blair got in in '97, lol.
From: Yo? (Tue Sep 27 01:34:15 2005)
Wonderful. Your art has truly progressed. I absolutely can't wait to see all the rest of your HBP pics!! This picture's too funny, I love that expression. And my first thought indeed was, when seeing the pic behind him, "Umbridge?" :)
From: Kay (Tue Oct 18 13:25:46 2005)
The PM was John Major. It sort of looks like him, without the glasses.
From: Padfoot (Wed Nov 30 22:42:14 2005)
Your gallery is so cool with all these comments. I wish I had my own gallery where I can type mine.
From: Patronus (Thu May 18 19:56:26 2006)
I love your work agpotter! I haven't seen you post any new work on COS in a long time - Are you ever coming back?
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Jun 11 21:53:38 2006)
This is Elise, Drew's little sister. Drew is actually away for 2 years and doesn't really have access to a computer, so I am substituting for him. Perhaps I shall upload some of his drawings he has sent and post em' for him!
From: Olivia (Mon Dec 11 17:39:08 2006)
Umbriges cousin!
From: roon (Sat May 26 12:17:32 2007)
The PM does remind me of Tony, but I have a little schoolgirl crush on Tony, so I don't mind. ;)
From: sak (Tue Jul 31 05:22:41 2007)
That painting is really the way i imagined......
with a toad like face, very much like umbridge!!
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 16:15:03 2007)
ahhh this is awsome..that picture bak there i nearly thot it was cho..scared me at first =]

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