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The insipid Pansy Parkison fawns over Draco Malfoy on the Hogwarts Express

The insipid Pansy Parkison fawns over Draco Malfoy on the Hogwarts Express

Description : *shudder*
From: razza (Thu Jul 21 16:55:02 2005)
Ugh, I want to hit both of them! Good job. I must say, she's perfectly pug-faced.
From: Jbracken (Thu Jul 21 19:43:21 2005)
I agree! Perfectly pug faced. Euww..I imagine his hair being so greasy...or crunchy in manner of the first movie.
From: Angie (Thu Jul 21 22:07:31 2005)
you made pansy look really ugly< just as I had imagined>> i would really like to give Draco a good kick up the... Well you know...
From: Rose (Sat Jul 23 02:43:34 2005)
Draco needs to STOP BEING DRACO! And Pansy sort of reminds me of Rita with a nose job gone wrong lol :)
From: Nadine (Sun Jul 24 18:27:02 2005)
Oh I love this. Draco is just sooo... full of himself.
From: Megs (Tue Jul 26 03:45:35 2005)
EWWWWW!!! Slytherin Sweeties!
From: Emma Snape (Wed Jul 27 11:17:38 2005)
Although you've succeeded in making her so brilliantly pug-faced, I'd love to be Pansy right now ... I was so jealous of her when reading this scene in the book!

Em xxx
From: roon (Wed Jul 27 13:36:51 2005)
Your Pansy looks *exactly* like a girl I used to work with. Even the hair, and especially the nose. Only Erica was really sweet.
From: TPK (Thu Jul 28 02:04:16 2005)
See, that's the interesting thing about ag's Pansy. If her personality were engaging, we'd see that turned-up nose as cute instead of repulsive. As it is, we see her Slytherin personality coming through in her puggish looks.
From: me (Sun Jul 31 16:19:39 2005)
hehehe He had some ego at the beginning of that year. I don´t think she´s ugly, actually she looks quite cute, if a little stupid.
From: Phoenix_Valor (Mon Aug 1 16:26:18 2005)
Ew, pansy is quite ugly, and malfoy is looking rather smug.....great job.
From: Maggie (Tue Aug 2 05:17:35 2005)
She is pug-facet, but she doesn't exactly need to be ugly. In fact, I always thought she's quite cute, cause Draco wouldn't date anyone who could embarass him.
From: Potterhead (Sun Aug 14 05:02:58 2005)
This is a perfect canon-based representation of both Pansy and Draco. Wonderful :)
From: Ela (Tue Sep 20 03:08:30 2005)
Yea, right! Why should she be ugly? JKR make AlL Slytherines look ugly, didn't you notice? As if they are chosen on the basis of looks. Great picture. And I love Draco's expression. He is not really in love with the poor girl, is he?
From: kenzie (Thu Nov 3 18:42:34 2005)
This picture looks amazing! Great job!
From: SpankyMortimorRonZoni (Mon Dec 5 00:47:13 2005)
Ahhhh, you've made Pansy so perfect, right down to her adoring expression. I love this!
From: zogmoo (Tue Dec 13 21:58:14 2005)
Ah! This pic is soooo good! i wish i could draw like that!
From: Marica Malfoy (Sat Dec 24 16:04:54 2005)
First of all, Love the picture! I really love Draco, here because he does look so full of himself. (I wished I was Pansy...only for a secound though.) I love Pansy's adoring expression but, even though she was said to look pug like, I never saw her as an ugly girl. I mean she'd with Draco, Come on!
From: Mione_Bookworm (Tue Feb 21 19:37:56 2006)
that's a very good drawing indeed...but we'll, you're drawings are always good!

Ugh, I hate Pansy.
From: marisa (Sat Mar 4 16:06:14 2006)
they are such big gits! I just want to hit them!
Looks great!
From: Jeanenne (Sat Apr 8 22:02:14 2006)
shudder is right
From: Cho_Malfoy (Mon May 1 18:17:07 2006)
Yeah, *shudder*... It's a good drawing, and great name! Gross Slytherin Ship!!!
From: Princess Emerald (Wed Jun 14 12:31:38 2006)
Oh my God! Look at that! You have ruined Pansy. Ewww!!! And look at Draco. Are you sure those two people are D & P. If so you are terribly mistaken. They look so mature for heaven’s sake they still kids! I’m mad because all of you people are insulting them. You know Joe describes them as been ugly because it’s from Harry’s biased point of view( Hello, when did Harry liked the Slythrings!)Try to be nice next time!
From: Elise (Thu Jun 15 00:01:47 2006)
Whoa... chill. They look mature? Well, they are 17 now. I would call that pretty mature. Anyway, your post doesn't really make sense. What are you trying to portray here? I am so confused... Please, please help me understand.
From: Princess Emerald (Sun Jul 30 12:08:53 2006)
Oh I'm sorry about my pevious post. I was mad. Because although Slytherings are rude they have a soft point too. So don't hate them. Well about the mature thing, they don't look 17. They look 40(specially Pansy)She looks like an old woman. Good luck for next time!
From: Bet youd like to know (Wed Sep 13 15:15:38 2006)
If princess emerald really cared about this issue then she would know that its not "slytherings" its "slytherins". Props on the drawing btw. I love Dracos expression.
From: Olivia (Wed Dec 6 20:32:26 2006)
Pansy is rarely drawn! Well done I have never seen her or even imagined what she looked like!
From: Snape's Girl (Mon Jul 2 12:54:29 2007)
Pansy would look better without draco
From: sak (Tue Jul 31 07:39:00 2007)
I agree with the *shudder*...............
From: Nyoka (Sat Aug 11 08:45:22 2007)
I wish I was Pansy right now.
From: Fleur (Fri Aug 17 22:21:40 2007)
Pansy would be so pretty if she didnt have that nose but I think that nose is what makes everyone hate her. I dunno why but I always imagined her fat!(she looks better your way)
From: Fantasy Girl (Sun Aug 31 05:51:16 2008)
You Woulder Thought Draco had better tast in girls

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