Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  
An appropriately grim coloring job of "poor, unloved Merope" by Tridums.

An appropriately grim coloring job of "poor, unloved Merope" by Tridums.

From: Spencer (Sat Sep 10 10:36:59 2005)
Woah! Creepy!
From: Stephany (crookshanks1177) (Sat Sep 17 02:20:11 2005)
Oh Colored in! I like it too! Works very well with the scene.
From: Kenzie (Thu Nov 3 20:32:55 2005)
I don't like it. On the last page someone commented but how you could capture her inner bueaty but this one dose not. It's just sad :(
From: demiacas (Fri Dec 2 08:00:13 2005)
i disagree i think that with the colour it captures how drak and dis-al it was and shows how she would have felt like nothing was left and she knew she was to die. *thumbs*
From: demiacas (Fri Dec 2 08:00:44 2005)
whoops sorry that should say dark not drak.
From: Courtney (Sun Apr 9 22:13:12 2006)
oh sad..
From: Me (Mon Apr 10 22:22:58 2006)
To think...in that soft, round womb lies the murderer of a million people...of a million children...
From: (Wed Dec 31 19:00:00 1969)
From: :) (Mon May 22 08:58:25 2006)
nagyon nagyon j!
From: KatzMeowe205 (Wed Jun 14 10:17:03 2006)
I got to this site by searching MSN images for Hermione. I saw the sketch of Hermione crying, which I beleive is number 40, I clicked on it, and I've been moving backwards from there. Anyway, this one was t/o good to go by without commenting. I love this. It's amazing! There are no other words to describe it.
From: Elise (Wed Jun 14 23:32:22 2006)
I am speaking on behalf of Drew, and feel free to use any of his pictures you like, as long as you credit them to the right person! ENJOY!
From: white phantom (Sun Jul 2 09:27:36 2006)
I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!
From: Olivia (Sat Dec 9 20:28:49 2006)
AHHHHHHHHH!!!! Scarry!
From: sak (Sun Aug 5 02:34:09 2007)

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