Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  
Harry and Luna share a poignant moment near the end of the school year

Harry and Luna share a poignant moment near the end of the school year

From: Morsomordre (Wed Feb 2 14:30:40 2005)
I love how you portray Luna - she's indeed very Looney looking but also has that odd look about her that is very intriguing. A part of me is hoping that maybe Harry and Luna will end up together in book 6. They seem to have something other people don't have, and can relate to each other where others can't.

From: Morsomordre (Wed Feb 2 14:30:46 2005)
Anyway, great work! I loved all your artwork, it's fantastic:) Love the Disney-esque styles, and the expressions, and the overall feel. Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us HP fanatics!
From: Fanaman (Sun Feb 6 16:28:14 2005)
It's good! I just love Luna so much, I think it would be totally sweet if she and Harry got together! Well, a girl can dream...
From: magically me (Sun Feb 13 07:50:55 2005)
I totally agree with the above comments and if Harry and Ginny don't get together then Harry and Luna is a very close second!
From: : ) (Wed Mar 16 23:30:30 2005)
I love Luna! Harry looks very ill . . . but I guess grief could do that. Very nice!
From: Rose (Thu Mar 17 21:59:33 2005)
Poor Harry. He looks so uncomfortable.
From: LB_Phoenix (Fri Apr 8 20:26:32 2005)
I know what you tried to depict in Harry. I love his scene so much. Luna Lovegood is just telling Harry that her things are taken all the time and she's posting up a sign so she can have them back. Harry feels bad for Luna, but his expression looks strained. Luna looks lovely, though.
From: Seven (Sat Apr 16 23:22:48 2005)
I'm a Harry/Luna shipper! Sure she's weird, but I don't think she's any weirder than myself. Luna looks very beautiful here and I love her hair.
From: Lion26 (Sat May 7 01:01:18 2005)
Nice Picture
From: Roon (Mon Jul 11 20:39:50 2005)
Possibly my favorite scene in the book, and you pictured it perfectly. Reading the scene gives me chills, and so did your rendering.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jul 11 22:04:23 2005)
Wow, thank you! I also think it's rather a touching scene, not necessarily because of the interaction between Harry and Luna (although that's also rather sweet), but because of what they're talking about.
From: narci (Fri May 12 19:13:21 2006)
what were they talking about......i no can remember....haveing brain fart......
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 17:23:42 2006)
i love how shes tells him that she could hear the voices and that hes not really dead
this pic was so well done
From: sakura(in japan) (Sun Jan 14 00:26:23 2007)
I love Luna!! She is very cute!!!
And I love this scene very muth!
thank you!
From: Dailyprofan (Mon Aug 13 19:20:07 2007)
From: sak (Thu Sep 20 10:47:35 2007)
awesome drawing of Luna!!!

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