Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  
Dumbledore tells Harry what he should have five years earlier

Dumbledore tells Harry what he should have five years earlier

From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Oct 27 01:27:41 2004)
Originally posted by Harrietta Potter
Wed Sep 1 16:14:04 2004

Wow, ag! This one is enchanting! I love the way you did Trelawney! Poor Harry, he needs a hug at this part. . .
From: me (Thu Dec 23 17:21:55 2004)
oh, wow-wonderful trelawney
From: magically me (Sun Feb 13 07:52:21 2005)
Something about Trelwany is very comical... not what you intended, I'm sure, but it made me laugh. Harry, on the other hand, really does need a hug... or a cheering charm.
From: shmink (Sun Feb 13 14:39:25 2005)
I know this is supposed to be an emotional scene, but yes, Trelawney made me laugh, too.
From: Remus Lupin (Sat Feb 26 18:43:27 2005)
Hehe, Trelawney looks cold... Ha.

From: Gabby (Sun Mar 27 17:13:22 2005)
i love the way you did the pensieve!! well done!
From: Griffiegrrl (Fri Apr 1 13:24:12 2005)
Haha ha ha ha. ;) Very cool, I never pictured Trealawny popping out of the basin like that, heh. Love it!
From: Agatha Bluestar (Sun May 29 23:16:47 2005)
INCREDIBLE!! My jaw fell when I saw this. Drew you are great at capturing a scene so perfectly. J.K.R. should see your work, I bet she would like it. The tiny Trelawney is just great and Dumbledores expressions is pricesless, so Dumbledore-like!
From: rusty (Tue Dec 27 12:55:41 2005)
oh, i just want to hug him!!!
From: malaysian (Thu Mar 9 01:50:26 2006)
great expression
From: Ginevra Weasley (Wed May 31 11:46:22 2006)
Not to be a critic, but... Dumbledore should maybe look a bit more sad. He does look concerned... it's just... not enough somehow.
From: lunna (Mon Jul 31 22:14:56 2006)
well thats not nice
y r on this site if u dont even like harry potter
grrr im liking u less and less
u sound like u swoloued a crumple horned snorckwrck
From: sak (Thu Sep 20 10:45:36 2007)
I like Dumbledore's expression!

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