Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  
Remus and Sirius struggle to cover the screaming portrait of Mrs. Black

Remus and Sirius struggle to cover the screaming portrait of Mrs. Black

Description : I hate to admit it, but I like Mrs. Black's design... She's so wretched.
From: Me (Fri Oct 8 15:49:27 2004)
Whoa...she looks ANGRY...
From: Stephany (Sun Oct 17 21:13:51 2004)
LoL i love Sirius kind of smirking at Mrs. Black. :)
From: tonks442 (Sun Jan 23 02:42:16 2005)
Ahhh Lupin looks perfect! Great drawing!
From: Emilia (Mon Feb 21 03:41:43 2005)
Mrs. Black looks so angry!! And Sirius' face trying to cover the painting up is just PERFECT. PERFECT. And Lupin's kinda boring face. Like thinking: "I think that this portrait is coming off when wands make spells without control..." lol!
From: Rose (Thu Mar 17 21:03:00 2005)
Terrifying...I hope the film does it the justice you've done it!
From: Miri (Wed Mar 23 17:44:59 2005)
Hmm... I didn't really think of Lupin's expression as boring, I thought it was more of an exhausted, "make it stop" kind of grimace. And Sirius looks to me like he's furious, not smirking... like he's just about to give that curtain a powerful jerk to shut her up. Either way, Drew, it's awesome. And Mrs. Black- she's terrifying! Excellent job!
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Mar 23 19:52:57 2005)
I think you got my intention right on, Miri! Lupin's exhausted with the whole routine of the portrait and just wants it all to end, and Sirius is quite furious that one of Harry's first experiences at Grimmauld Place, and his reunion with his godfather, had to be tainted by the wretched Mrs. Black.
From: Roon (Mon Jul 11 15:25:48 2005)
Love how Mrs. Black looks like my idea of Bellatrix. Was that intentional? She IS Bella's auntie, even if only by marriage ...
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jul 11 22:40:59 2005)
Hmmm.... Not intentional, but definitely interesting. Besides, they may only be related by marriage, but sometimes in families (especially families as obsessed with being pure-blooded as the Blacks), there's some major criteria as to whom to marry.
From: KatzMeowe205 (Wed Jun 14 18:31:15 2006)
Will someone admit that woman to a mental istitution? (Yes, yes, I know, it's only a portrait, but still . . . !)
From: sak (Mon Aug 6 04:54:22 2007)
She looks soo terrifying!!!!!!!
From: Griffie (Tue Aug 7 18:23:08 2007)
Great, but did you notice Remus looks a bit like an older Ron? That's who I thought it was (or another older Weasley) until I read your caption.

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