Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  
Harry's first proper Christmas

Harry's first proper Christmas

Description : It was sort of a challenge to make Harry's hair *more* messy, to achieve the proper bed-head look. It's wild and untamed as it is, but when he sleeps on it funny, who knows what it might look like!
From: filius (Thu Sep 9 21:57:32 2004)
This is a good one as well. You are an excellent artist.
From: inuyashafan (Mon Feb 14 20:13:18 2005)
you draw good,but he does not look like Harry Potter.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 14 20:35:34 2005)
Actually he does. You see, he looks like MY Harry Potter, even if he doesn't look like Daniel Radcliffe, I still have my own design of the characters.
From: Elise (Wed Feb 16 15:05:50 2005)
inuyashafan, so every other drawing in this world doesn't look like Harry Potter either? Well, unlike some people, Drew has an imagination! Where he can see pictures in his head. Most people have one. Try getting one sometime.
From: rozizrozndazi (Sun Feb 20 20:34:25 2005)
Awww... and he looks so adequately happy with it, too! :D Good 'un! ;)
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Mar 28 15:02:04 2005)
Originally posted by Tabby Bee @ (Mon Mar 28 09:12:38 2005), edited for content--
dang, I really need to get working on "perfecting" my drawing skills. Just kidding, just kidding, this one's really good.
(Please keep language G-rated... Thanks!)
From: Andrea (Mon Aug 1 19:07:55 2005)
GOD, Will you start drawing MY Harry potter? YOUR HARRY EZ WAK! Lol jk. I love this one....It's so good! He looks so happy.
From: Emma Snape (Sun Sep 11 07:24:01 2005)
I actually think that's the best thing about looking at fanart - you get to see the different ways that different people imagine the characters. I find that very interesting. This rocks!
From: Scarlett (Sat Nov 5 17:17:08 2005)
Soooooo CUTE ^,^
From: anon. (Sun Jan 22 21:02:51 2006)
his left eye...
i had no idea he had a lazy eye...or is it that he's cross-eyed?
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Jan 22 23:34:52 2006)
Now THAT was a slip of the pen. :)
From: roonil wazlib (Thu Jun 29 11:38:39 2006)
this one makes me feel all warm and cozy inside!
From: lunna (Tue Aug 1 16:28:12 2006)
i love this one
i love the part in the next page were fred and gorege are telling ron and harry about how they always get sweaters with an f for fred and a g for gorege, and then they say: does she think were going to forget our names or something, because we no who we r, thats gread and im forege. ;P lol
From: Kim Jewell (Thu Oct 25 13:01:17 2007)
you should draw fred + george forcing percy's sweeter over his head
From: mrs. malfoy (Sat Nov 3 00:29:54 2007)
I personally LOATH Danielle Radcliffe... he smokes!!!

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