Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  
Lily sacrifices herself, unknowingly providing a powerful protective charm over him

Lily sacrifices herself, unknowingly providing a powerful protective charm over him

From: judhfkjsbdf (Mon Feb 14 20:25:30 2005)
my god if you have harry as a baby in this picture then why did you have him as a child in the other.i like this one
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 14 20:27:45 2005)
You can't even see Harry in this one, for all you know, he's the same age as in the next one.
From: Elise Graham (Wed Feb 16 14:54:04 2005)
Yes... and from his legs, I too can also tell that he is either a child or a baby... or NOT! Come on! I think Drew is pretty dang consistant with his drawings, something more than anyone in this world could ever even hope to accomplish. (P.S. judhfkjsbdf, there are two spaces after a period.)
From: WuddintULiekTaNoe (Sun Feb 20 20:22:18 2005)
Ooohh! I Absolutely love it! :D The hair is awesome... Voldemort admittedly could look a little more dark and creepy I'm thinking, perhaps a little more shading or something- but that's nothing! Great drawing, wonderfully portrayed! ;)
From: Sirus VIlla (Tue Feb 22 20:34:42 2005)
This is awesome. But I think that Voldemort's arm would be fully stretched out, instead of tucked to his side while using the Avada Kedavra curse. Keep up the good work!
From: Me, durr (Thu Mar 3 02:30:52 2005)
Geez people, lighten up a little! He enjoys drawing and does this for fun, and for his love for Harry Potter and your freakin critique-ing him. Give a guy a break for making a freakin mistake you picky bastards...
From: s_potter (Sat Mar 12 14:01:35 2005)
This pic is great! the pain on Lily's face aww! well done!
From: terbear2oo5hp (Sat May 7 16:33:46 2005)
i don't care what the rest of you think! this drawing is great! i wish i could draw this well!!! keep it up! you are a inperation to me. i also enjoy drawing harry potter and i am also a BIG fan. keep it up all of your drawings are wonderful!
From: Bewitched08 (Mon May 9 22:50:48 2005)
You are an amazing artist! You can capture everything from the books and what I'm thinking from them too. Keep it up!
From: Elowyn (Thu Sep 8 00:15:39 2005)
*Falls madly in love with Drew and proposes to him on the spot* You have GOT IT! I love the emotion in this piece- and the perfect blend of the fantastic-yet-realistic. You really get Harry Potter- like me. It's fantastic.
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Sep 8 03:51:17 2005)
Woo hooo!!! *accepts!* We'll be wed by Christmas!
From: Elowyn (Thu Sep 8 17:36:07 2005)
yay! I love weddings! non-alcoholic drinks for everyone!!
From: Deedlit (Tue Oct 18 12:25:58 2005)
I love the motion in this picture and it's
dramatic tension. And I just HAD to color it - and so I did --> http://k.ligaszewska.w.interia.pl/Lily-s_sacrifice.jpg
It's my first coloring in Photoshop - I've never done it before, so tell me what do You think about.
From: lunna (Tue Aug 1 16:12:29 2006)
she really loved him, harrys is lucky he survived
although i wouldnt want to be the choosen one
to much nettia hanging around
plus i dont want my parents dead (not that he did ethier but, u no wutt i mean)
From: ,jil (Thu May 24 12:41:01 2007)
It´s really nice, although en Lily´s death Harry was inside the crib, not carried by her mother.
(J.K. Rowling said it, so it is)
From: hockeyprincess_25 (Tue Aug 7 23:08:59 2007)
this is an awesome picture i wish i was as good as you.
From: Haya (Tue Aug 14 14:48:32 2007)
U r ssoooo good in darwing, that's PERFECT!

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