Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  
A beautiful and effective coloring job by Karolina/Deedilit

A beautiful and effective coloring job by Karolina/Deedilit

From: Annelisse (Sat Nov 26 10:29:01 2005)
Wow! So much action, so much emotion captured-- and the colouring is really effective!
From: Gryffindor Heiress (Thu May 11 09:25:40 2006)
I love this piccy. It's just like Lily would have done it and Voldemort just leaning in a bit looks abit creepy. I think Harry looks abit small fir a one year old though?
From: Ginevra Weasley (Fri May 19 16:14:14 2006)
just a tad vivid
From: roonil wazlib (Tue Jun 27 11:01:18 2006)
i love the light from the wand, it draws your eye to the curse (from the wand), to lily's face (how she sacraficed herself)and harry's feet. This peice really shows the key points of what happened that night. great job!
From: Juh-Brazil [sorry about my English!] (Sat Jul 22 20:42:22 2006)
Really good! Looove it!
From: lunna (Tue Aug 1 16:13:15 2006)
even better with colour
this peice made me cry
From: Bellatrix Lestrange (Mon Mar 12 15:14:42 2007)
Beautiful pic!! All the emotions. Voldemort looks really scary. Good job. Love it. :D
From: Haya (Tue Aug 14 14:50:36 2007)
COOL, REALLY COOL, i think u should have a comic for harry potter, and u'd draw EVERYTHING!
From: sophie (Sat Apr 24 00:02:09 2010)
this is my favorite picture of you

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