Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  
Meeting Draco Malfoy

Meeting Draco Malfoy

From: Harrietta Potter (Wed Aug 18 00:59:56 2004)
oOo! I can just feel the tention in the air! The birth on newly, life long arch enemies! P.S. Madam M is the bomb! Look at her back there! Mahahah!
From: hpgymgirl18 (Sat Jan 1 04:00:03 2005)
I love how you captured how arrogant Malfoy is!!!
From: annelisse (Sat Jan 1 19:17:05 2005)
Oooh! I love it: the tension between H and D is wonderful, and Madam Malkin down there, measuring Draco or whatever, completely oblivious to the fact that a life-long relationship of hate is being born. It's great!
From: ...... (Mon Feb 14 20:19:49 2005)
uh just for you to know.....malfoy is not that tall..hes about the same size as harry and in your picture...he's like 3 feet taller than him.(being sarcastic)
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 14 20:32:25 2005)
Uh, just for you to know..... If YOU'VE read the book, you would know that Malfoy's standing on a box so Madame Malkin can make his robes. In fact, you can actually SEE the box IN the drawing. It would help if you look at the drawing before commenting on it.
From: Saphy (Tue Feb 15 12:17:25 2005)
Very good. You can just *see* Malfoy's drawling tone here. Great job! ^_^
From: SsssSSssSSSSssssSsSSSSSs (Sun Feb 20 20:28:45 2005)
I always thought that Harry was being measured at the same time as ol' Draco...

Anyway, great stuff! Draco's snooty and bored expression is muy perfecta! :D ;)
From: Andrea (Mon Aug 1 19:06:02 2005)
Harry's very handsome for a cartoon drawing, haha! Great job!
From: Witch of the South-West (Tue Aug 16 15:03:07 2005)
Ooh... Draco looks so haughty up there on his throne... er... box.
I like Madam Malkin down there in the corner. Funny.
From: DRACA MALFOY (Tue Mar 21 07:41:37 2006)
DRACO IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Goopy (Fri Jun 23 15:02:01 2006)
Draco is perfect!
From: lunna (Tue Aug 1 16:17:46 2006)
i love how malfow looks in this one, totaly snob.
harry looks as if malfow is speaking a different language;) lol
From: Gryffindor Heiress (Sun Aug 20 12:05:06 2006)
What an arragont freak Malfoy is. I wish that Madam Malkin would stick a pin in his leg, very hard. LOLZ
From: Slytherin Princess (Sun Aug 20 12:06:26 2006)
Malfoy iz Ace! You can't improve on perfection! BTW, I wish I was M.M. Malfoy iz gorge with a capital G! LOLZ
From: critic (Tue Sep 5 22:18:09 2006)
malfoy looks funny
From: Lulu (Tue Aug 28 15:22:50 2007)
By the way, don't you Americans have Philosophers?
From: mrs.malfoy (Fri Nov 2 21:54:11 2007)
dear Gryffindor heiress,
gryffindor sux! and the whole pin-in-the-leg thing NOT COOL.
From: mrs.malfoy (Fri Nov 2 21:54:56 2007)
yeah lulu i wondered that too.....
From: hogwarts girl (Sat Dec 29 15:18:31 2007)
do you guys have something against Americans??? huh?? *puts on boxing uniform* well bring it on!!! haha j/k

i love how Harry is like "umm well I don't have a fancy court yard so...SUE ME!" hehe and Draco looks so snobby its perfect!

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