The Lord of the Rings  
trio of travelers

trio of travelers

From: Witch of the South West (Thu Aug 18 14:01:03 2005)
"'For Unto Us a C-"'
Where's the bloody rest?
Ha, Gollum looks very fidgety and worried. Hurrah for Samwise!
From: Daffodil (Fri Apr 7 21:29:56 2006)
Again, I love the expressions and their big eyes.
From: Madame Raven (Thu May 24 09:07:41 2007)
CUTE!!Could you draw the 4 hobbits togheter(Frodo,Sam,Merry and Pippin) and Gimli? They are my favourite characters in lotr(Besides Arwen and Galadriel)
From: Madame Raven (Tue Aug 14 15:24:51 2007)
I forgot Eowyn, too.But you already draw her!It could be nice if you draw the killing of the WitchKing(Eowyn´s glory) and the coronation of Aragorn(it could be nice if it´s a mixture of both the film and the book,like that all charcters would be able to appear(except the baddies,jeje).
From: Violet baudelaire. 08 (Wed Jan 30 17:24:51 2008)
please draw Legolas!!!. He is my favorite character. That would be cool if you had gimili, legolas, and aragorn together!. i'll check up in a later to see if legolas is here!
this picture is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the frodo really looks like elijah!

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