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Random peeps 3

Random peeps 3

From: Vicki W (Sun Aug 13 23:40:40 2006)
I'd have to say, my favorite drawing of all of these would have to be JC. :)
From: Sam (Sun Feb 4 16:41:27 2007)
Ya, I have to agree with Vicki here. JC really is the best.
From: Sarah (Sun Mar 18 13:01:46 2007)
Are you calling Jesus JC? or amy I missing something.... no offence, seems a little disrespectful don't you think?
From: Elise (Mon Mar 19 02:06:50 2007)
Well, at least they are saying he is the best... You can give them that much! Besides, isn't there a whole musical called JC superstar? We all know it means Jesus.
From: Hannah (Wed Mar 21 12:08:47 2007)
your style is alot like Brett Helquist's, but softer.
From: TPK (Wed Mar 28 18:56:47 2007)
Personally I like the toothless guy with the shiny noggin. :)
From: Griffie (Fri Jul 27 14:34:57 2007)
Jesus really is very well drawn. So is everyone, actually. ;)
From: Bessie (Sun Sep 2 15:41:15 2007)
Would it be rude to say that Jesus looks fit?
From: Allena (Sun Dec 2 20:13:58 2007)
i love ur work. i stubled across it and now i'm totally addicted to it. love ur drawing of jesus too! awesomeness.....pure awesomeness!!
From: Hannah (Sun May 31 20:49:14 2009)
this really dad asked me what i was looking at & i told him ...he told me that he didn't remember Elder Graham, but he remembered his art work lol.. he likes it a lot!!

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