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random peeps 6

random peeps 6

From: Ginevra Weasley (Thu Jul 27 11:50:52 2006)
If I've guessed right, that's Pansy Parkinson (that cow!)... and wow, Drew.... she looks perfect for Draco. Wow.
From: sum_insana (Mon Oct 9 11:45:33 2006)
i never could get a good picture of lavender in my head . . . i think i'm going to steal yours! and, as always, luna is delightful.
From: not telling (Tue Feb 6 19:48:30 2007)
ur like obsessed with emporers new groove! n whos all theze peepz thu last 2 ppl r talkin about?
From: pickle lova (Tue Feb 6 19:49:10 2007)
is that a pickle!?
From: Hannah (Fri Aug 31 13:24:33 2007)
yay for the pickle!

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