A montage of the Princess of Agrabah being most displeased

A montage of the Princess of Agrabah being most displeased

From: Megan (Tue Oct 26 19:12:41 2004)
Yeah! It's these poses that give her character depth. If you only drew them happy they'd be very flat (like Snow White). I love these!
From: disneyfreak101 (Sun Aug 7 11:36:09 2005)
I kinda actually like the attitude your portray in this the character a little edge
From: Jaci (Sat Oct 8 20:05:23 2005)
First off, I love these variations of Jasmine! Bravo. Second, you REALLY should read the book "The Kingdom Keepers" by Ridley Pearson---it'll send your mind whirling even though it's a youth book. I had to read it for a children's literature class and went doodling away for days afterward.
From: Ginevra Weasley (Fri May 19 15:34:24 2006)
the upper left reminds me of when Jasmine asks Jafar, "How could you?" when he says Aladdin has been beheaded
From: sak (Thu Dec 13 06:27:49 2007)
totally shows Jasmine's character!
From: E. Potter (Tue Jan 22 10:15:38 2008)
yeah you`re so right Sak, it shows out the real her:P (too deep I know:P)
From: Janet (Tue Jun 10 18:36:40 2008)
Great photo, but some of the others in your collection are stellar.

Janet Jackson
From: Janet (Tue Jun 10 19:55:13 2008)
I have really enjoyed looking through your album and this is definitely one of my favourites.

Janet Jackson

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