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A colored version of Aurora

A colored version of Aurora

From: Lexi (Mon Sep 4 14:16:06 2006)
wondefull nicely done I lover her blue dress
From: Charlotte and Ellie (Sat May 31 08:39:09 2008)
This is wonderfully done and beautofully coloured, but we dont think it looks as similar to aurora as it could be, i mean isnt she meant to look sweet and innocent and not as if she's just been caught upto no good? maybe not but even so its still a great drawing x
From: tinkleberry (Tue Jun 10 16:25:39 2008)
that is so not how aroara looks who ever drew it is a ass whole!!!!
From: aliyah (Tue Jun 10 16:29:01 2008)
whoever wrote that last comment is a looser that picture is beautiful even more beautiful with color added
From: utahgal (Thu Jul 31 16:54:12 2008)
i love aurora in the blue dress. Much better than the pink she is soooooo gooood i am so jelouse of your drawings!!!! have you ever heard of avatar the last airbender??? i love them and i think you would do wonderfully!!!

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