Corpse Bride  
CB Emily alive.jpg

CB Emily alive.jpg

From: kstar (Fri Sep 30 18:11:27 2005)
woa!!!! got some big hips there. don't we? But who am i 2 talk? LOL. I can't draw worth a flip!I do think it's really good though
From: Gothic-Hermy (Wed Oct 12 03:06:42 2005)
This was not exactly my idea of the Corbse Bride alive, but, i must admit, she looks... fabulously jubilicious!
From: sum_insana (Mon Oct 9 12:07:24 2006)
it's been a while; i didn't know you had any corpse bride pictures! btw, she's beautiful, so naive and expectant. i love how being alive doesn't make her less . . . melencholy, pensive? her personality fits.

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