Corpse Bride  
CB Emily meets Sally.jpg

CB Emily meets Sally.jpg

From: Seven (Tue Sep 27 18:56:09 2005)
They both look very pretty.
From: Padfoot (Thu Nov 24 20:05:03 2005)
Doesn't look like they're too impressed with one another. However, I think you've done a lovely job capturing them.
From: Viktorius (Fri Mar 3 21:25:48 2006)
Absolutly stunning, exept for the fact one's dead and the other is a ragdoll.
From: Saphy (Fri Apr 28 15:41:08 2006)
My, they don't seem to like each other very much. Great artwork, though. ^_^
From: Rebecca (Sun Sep 24 22:08:43 2006)
i LOVE this. their facials are priceless.
From: caitlyn (Sat Mar 31 20:50:20 2007)
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
From: s.c. (Tue Jun 12 18:26:06 2007)
Nice contrast

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