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Genie as Pocahontas

Genie as Pocahontas

From: MioneBookworm (Thu Mar 2 21:26:23 2006)
*cracks up*

Amazing, ag!
From: Heidi (Wed Mar 15 09:49:22 2006)
From: Saphy (Fri Apr 28 15:05:42 2006)
That's... creepy. *diez adn iz ded* X_X
From: Agatha (Thu Jul 13 11:49:49 2006)
-falls over laughing- I can definately picture Genie doing that just to spook Al or even better, Abu!
From: Elise (Thu Jul 13 22:38:37 2006)
Haven't y'all ever seen Aladdin and the King of Thieves? Genie jumps out of an airplane as pocahontas, which inspired this pic. It is ever so funny!
From: Unkown (Tue Jan 9 12:05:27 2007)
HAHAHAHA!!! He, is , a pretty, lady> HAHAHA!!!!

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