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Gryffindor gals

Gryffindor gals

From: s_potter (Mon Mar 14 13:45:46 2005)
very cool :)
From: conansaura (Fri Mar 25 23:50:56 2005)
Hermione's all up in the front. Te he!
From: Simini (Sat Apr 23 23:41:42 2005)
love the composition (and of course the actuall drawing as well...)
From: potter#1fan (Mon Jul 25 20:40:57 2005)
great! I luv how Herione is up front! Clever, and bold! Just like me! LOL
From: Whose Real Name is Ginny (Tue Oct 4 20:28:19 2005)
I love the way you drew Hermione and Ginny. They look like they know something you don't; or maybe it's just their pose. :D
From: Gothic-Hermy (Mon Oct 17 01:30:52 2005)
You have a very healthy vision about Hermione... I've seen her in some pictures made by other fans, and she is usually drawn like a terrier! Cool drawing, anyhows.
From: B. Snape (Sun Dec 25 03:18:26 2005)
Hermione looks great!
From: charliesportz (Wed Mar 22 14:21:32 2006)
that is probably the best lavender i've seen... and ur ginny is adorable
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 20:59:10 2006)
have to agree with charliesportz:P
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 20:59:30 2006)
yor hermione is so pretty
From: areiablack (Sun Sep 24 14:25:08 2006)
your ginny is great.pretty, mischievous...everthing.
From: Jespella (Sat Oct 21 20:18:05 2006)
From: I LUV Snuffles (Sun Nov 26 21:10:49 2006)
From: Mellissa (Sat Dec 30 13:41:37 2006)
I love how you draw all of these characters exactly how I picture them while reading the books. JK Rowling should hire you to illustrate her novels!
From: me (Wed Jan 10 19:24:22 2007)
hey who is who which is which? awsome drawing bt i only know hermione! sobbing
From: me (Wed Jan 10 19:24:57 2007)
sorry if thats offending but it is a great pic!
From: (Wed Mar 21 16:27:59 2007)
No, rather Schoolastic should've asked you to illustrate the US novels. :) (not that Mary Grandpre isn't good, I just love your interpretations better.)
From: pottylurvesloony (Thu Mar 22 19:19:47 2007)
whose the girl next to Hermione? (not Ginny on the other side)
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Mar 25 18:32:37 2007)
Lavender and Parvati
From: pottylurvesloony (Thu May 17 15:12:14 2007)
cool! (Sorry i didn't know. Thats what I thought but I wasn't sure.) Nine pic!
From: rocco544 (Wed Aug 1 11:23:38 2007)
Hermione is saying: "You want some of this?", while Ginny is saying something like: "Come a little closer, you know you want to". Great work like always, love how you draw the girls.
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 17:24:51 2007)
its sooo awsome one of my favs =]
From: griffindor chick (Thu Sep 27 23:15:30 2007)
I too have to agree w/charliesportz. Ginny looks so mature. I LIKE IT!!!! :D
From: weesh (Thu Nov 22 11:52:13 2007)
love the way you do the females...incredible!

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