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Description : Colored using PrismaColor markers
From: Lily Evans (Mon Nov 8 17:52:08 2004)
*giggles* He looks really funny... especially his expression!
From: totulli (Sun Feb 6 16:29:28 2005)
Yepp, that's Ron... XD
From: unfortunatevent (Thu Mar 30 19:56:38 2006)
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 17:25:39 2006)
i love how he looks at his wand expecting it to just fix its self lol:P
From: Olivia (Wed Apr 25 17:10:15 2007)
Lol Ron looks MR
From: Olivia (Wed Apr 25 17:10:16 2007)
Lol Ron looks MR
From: sak (Mon Aug 6 04:53:29 2007)
From: Lulu (Tue Aug 28 16:19:50 2007)
Love his billowing cloak
From: Amz (Wed Nov 28 17:35:37 2007)
thats really good i love the broken wand and his like *oh noes* expression, ive seen some of ur work on a facebook hp fan group (cos i just love hp so much and im a real hp geek!) and i think your sketches/drawings are really good!

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