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Disney men

From: Love the men (Mon Aug 30 14:50:24 2004)
I'd hang this one up in my bedroom. I love how you put all the men from Disney movies together for a "photo"
From: TPK (Fri Jan 21 21:21:39 2005)
No offense, but one of them looks rather like "I, Hercules, having been born of goodly parents..."
From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 22:44:16 2005)
Ha, I love them all, most of all Tarzan and Milo. Once again I must go with brain, glasses and the awesomely cool sweatevest than muscle and good looks fo the others. The guy from Mulan (whats his name again)kinda creeps me out though like he wants to tug on Hercules' hair or something.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 28 01:20:57 2005)
Yeah, Captain Li Shang does look rather like he wants to shove Hercules or something. :)
From: Agatha Bluestar (Mon May 9 21:44:03 2005)
Who's the one between Eric and Aladin? Is he the Prince from Beauty and the Beas? -confuse look- Aside from not knowing who that one is, I love how you captured them all.
From: EssEssDee (Tue Jun 7 14:50:16 2005)
Really spiffy, except Shang looks kinda like a girl...although he is a pretty boy XD
From: helen (Mon Jul 25 17:23:22 2005)
awws your missing two of my favorite princes...*sniffles*....alittle lost whose the guy between hercules and the guy from poccahontas?
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jul 25 19:41:09 2005)
Who are they? Phillip and Cinderella's Prince? I just put the more contemporary characters. There are just too many for the paper I was using! That's meant to be Phoebus between John and Herc.
From: dizneeprincess (Fri Aug 19 23:07:21 2005)
You should do one with all of the Princes! But I really love how Milo's sitting there. It's so funny!!!! And alladin is really good in that one!
From: Diana (Tue Aug 30 16:49:24 2005)
Woah, John Smith and Tarzan look so awesume! *Hugs them* Hm..my only critic is that Hercules' head looks a tap out of proportion. But hey, this is still great.
From: artgrl (Tue Oct 4 20:28:46 2005)
hey i was just making a suggestion, don't you think Tarzan and Phoebus should look a little bit more serious? just thinking...oh well, it's great anyway! you r sooo GOOD!!!! lol
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Oct 5 00:32:22 2005)
Hmmmm.... I dunno, Phoebus and Tarzan may be the stars of dramas, but I think they still have good senses of humor! :)
From: dizneeprincess (Sat Oct 15 08:01:44 2005)
Aladdin doesn't know what Haven City is.
From: chippy (Sat Oct 15 20:36:03 2005)
hey! this photo of all disney s men is marvelous.. i ll like to put it somewhere in my wall, here in may bedroom.. yeah, i ll print it :D
From: MioneBookworm (Mon Feb 27 18:05:38 2006)
oh this is great!

Aladdin and Eric I just...love them! My favourites among the Disney men, of course.
From: Ginevra Weasley (Fri May 19 15:49:43 2006)
I think all the girls are swooning now
From: TreasurePlanet is Underrated (Wed Aug 30 18:28:07 2006)
Wow! this is amazing...but where is Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet....great pic tho...i love your style
From: rose (Mon Sep 18 17:23:25 2006)
I love it when people put all the disney characters together! some of the characters look a little of but I still think you did a wonderful job.
From: Hannah (Wed Mar 21 13:56:03 2007)
i like Tarzans expression
From: Madame Raven (Sun Jun 3 17:58:29 2007)
the beast loooks like the cartoon version of Will Turner from pirates of the caribbean
From: apologetic critic (Thu Apr 17 19:33:59 2008)
I recognize everyone except the guy between Eric and Aladdin? Who is he?

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