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An updated design of Roxanne from A Goofy Movie

An updated design of Roxanne from A Goofy Movie

From: short_stuff (Mon Mar 28 05:30:03 2005)
From: dizneeprincess (Fri Aug 19 23:14:27 2005)
Another overlooked movie :'( and it's soo good! That's an awesome sketch!!!
From: Emma Snape (Sun Oct 9 16:31:41 2005)
I've not seen the movie - but she's so cute!!!

Em xxx
From: snape'd daughter (NOT!) (Sat Oct 29 08:59:29 2005)
lol. that is so cool! why don't you put Max in there? you know, maybe make him all hy and stuff
From: snape'd daughter (NOT!) (Sat Oct 29 09:00:08 2005)
sorrry, hot hy, "shy"
From: snape'd daughter (NOT!) (Sat Oct 29 09:00:38 2005)
gosh! i hate spelling errors! im so sorry!
From: MisS_*MIY* (Fri Feb 23 11:41:47 2007)
very great!! beautiful! i don't have the right words to say. i like you work. you do it great!!
From: Hannah (Mon May 28 18:45:50 2007)
I think this is a good drawing, but, no offense, I don't think you quite captured her personality just right. This looks more like how you think Roxanne should look, just loosely based on the actual charater. Roxanne's not so skinny and a bit shorter than the one you've drawn. Her face is slightly different as well. Sorry, but thats just what I think. It's still well-drawn.
From: E. Potter (Wed Jan 23 04:13:58 2008)
sexy sexy;) hehe I love her hair:D
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jan 28 10:42:47 2008)
No offense taken, Hannah! I think your analysis of my take on Roxane is right on. Thanks for the comment.
From: Mrs.Jim_Sturgess (Sun Oct 5 13:30:24 2008)
I love The Goofy movie. It is so funny. I always thought that Roxane was so cute and nice to Max even though he wasn't cool like her. This pic tottaly shows that.

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