Christmas 2003  
Frodo drawing 2

Frodo drawing 2

From: Elisey-Poo! (Wed Sep 1 17:06:53 2004)
Ah! This is a MUCHO BIEN scan Drew! You captured it perfectly! I am glad you got a better copy. . . though it still doesn't do it justice. This one needs to be seen in person. . .
From: Lynnie (Tue Nov 16 14:20:01 2004)
This is just...well- saying that this picture is incredible would be a major understatement.
From: no wonder (Sat Jan 14 09:48:51 2006)
I love your drawing.
From: jake the artist (Sun Apr 26 23:41:38 2009)
LOOKS SO LIFE LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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