Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  
Meeting Tom Riddle in the Chamber of Secrets

Meeting Tom Riddle in the Chamber of Secrets

Description : I think ever artist in HP fandom has drawn a picture of Tom Riddle twirling Harry's wand. It's just such a vivid description.
From: Stephany/Crookshanks1177 (Sun Oct 10 12:38:25 2004)
Very beautiful I have always loved this scene. Who is the girl in the background. I found that confusing. Can you comment here in the forum or owl me. I'd appreciate to know lol. Thanks!
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Oct 10 16:12:51 2004)
It's interesting that you noticed that Stephany. Actually, the girl in the background is Moaning Myrtle, but the funny thing is that she was drawn on the next page (on the back of this one) and when I scanned it in, you could see it, even though it was unintentional. I thought I would Photoshop it out, but I kind of like it... After all, she was the one who was killed last time the Chamber was opened, and here's Ginny in danger of being the next... Makes for a nice little "aura of menace"...
From: hotharry (Thu Feb 24 12:16:45 2005)
I really like this one, even if it was a mistake. I think that Tom will always remember Myrtle because she was his first. And as he kills Ginny or anyone else I can see that she would still be haunting Tom. I like it alot!
From: Roon (Sun Jul 10 22:34:30 2005)
Huh, I thought it was intentional. And liked it very much.
From: Ginevra Weasley (Wed May 31 10:36:12 2006)
huh. I thought it was the spirit of Ginny being sapped by the diary (even tho it doesn't look like ginny). huh. It did seem intentional.
From: lunna (Tue Aug 1 17:38:32 2006)
oo thats a very goodpoint adim well put
i love how scared ginny looks even in her sleep
and tom looks worried but still very evil
From: loonyloopylupin (Tue Aug 7 16:08:10 2007)
Salazar Slytherin's foot in the background really drives home just how big this statue must be...as well as the basilisk, of course
From: hogwarts girl (Wed Sep 26 22:32:13 2007)
man loony lupin stole wat i was gona say but put differently..i was gona say.."nice big foot rite in the middel of the picture" =] but its awsome
From: Emily (Thu Oct 4 20:41:29 2007)
Love the picture. Quick question, is there any importance in the star you see on the open diary page?
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Oct 9 14:22:57 2007)
That star is just on the page of the journal that Drew was drawing in. Preprinted.

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